Yorkshire Puddings

Mid-thirties and I still hadn’t made Yorkshire puddings.   Any self-respecting Yorkshire lass would be ashamed of herself.  And I was, and that is partly why I have finally got around to making them.   One of my new year cooking resolutions was to actually cook a roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings i.e. a typical British Sunday lunch and I am pleased to say that I have now finally done that.   I don’t know the history of Yorkshire puddings or how they developed, all I know is that as a child we would have them every Sunday for lunch with whatever roast we were having – beef, chicken, pheasant, pork.  Many people will say they are only supposed to be served with roast beef, but we would have them with any roast.   They were an essential part of a Sunday lunch.  My mum would make huge ones that we’d fill with gravy, and there were always enough for second helpings.   Some people like them to be really crisp all over, some people like them to be still a bit soggy, but I would say they’re best when they are still soggy in the middle but the sides have risen and are a little browned and crispy.   As I hadn’t had homemade Yorkshire puddings for so long I went crazy for these and ate about five, as well as roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, brocoli and gravy.   I was in absolute heaven.

Ingredients – makes about 10 small ones


1 cup milk

1 cup plain flour

1 egg

How to make Yorkshire Puddings

1.Heat the oven to about 220C.   Put a Yorkshire pudding or muffin tin in the oven with a little oil in the bottom of each dish. It needs to be hot before the batter is put in.

2. Put the egg, milk and flour in a mixing bowl and whisk for a moment, just to combine.

3. When the oven is heated up, take out the tin.  Ladle batter into each compartment so each one is filled half-way.   Return to the top of the oven for about 20 minutes.  The puddings should rise so don’t open the door as they are cooking.

4. Serve immediately while still crisp on the outside and soft in the middle.

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