Inspired by Masterchef: Tortilla Espagnol

I’m not really a fan of normal omelettes.   For some reason I get bored before I’ve finished eating them.    Maybe that’s why I haven’t eaten one for a long long time.   I do however, love spanish omelette and probably make one about once a month.   Maybe it’s the added potato that gives it more substance.   Maybe it’s just that I love putting chorizo in it, and chorizo changes so many simple recipes from just nice to delicious.    In fact, I have previously blogged about spanish omelette and that is the way I normally make it.   I add peppers and onions as well as the chorizo, and I just dice the potatoes.   This time, Inspired by Masterchef, I decided to try and make it the way it was made on the show.   Instead of just dicing the potatoes, I sliced them thinly using the food processor, and instead of just pouring the egg into the pan on top of all the other ingredients, I mixed everything together in a bowl before putting everything together into the frying pan.    Because there were no extra vegetables to bulk out the filling, there was a higher proportion of egg in this tortilla and because of the way the potatoes were sliced, they interlocked more and so the tortilla held together better when it was taken out of the pan and could more easily be eaten with your fingers like a pizza.    This did also mean that there was  less texture to the tortilla and my husband missed the peppers and extra chilli that I usually add to my spanish omelettes.   I was happy with it and did feel it was a bit more authentic than my normal method, but whether it will change the way I make this dish for ever, is still not decided.   Next time I may try a combination between the two.

How you like to eat omelettes?


6 eggs

1 large potato

1 chorizo sausage

2 tbsp grated manchego or other hard cheese

Black Pepper


How to Make Tortilla Espagnol

1. Using the slicing blade on the food processor, slice the potato into thin slices.    Boil for 5 minutes then drain.

2. Chop the chorizo into small pieces and fry in a frying pan until it is becoming crispy on the outsides.

3. In a bowl, beat the eggs.    Season and add the manchego.

4. Remove the chorizo from the frying pan, leaving the oil in the bottom of the pan.    Add the chorizo and potato slices to the egg mixture.   Stir so all the potato is coated in egg.

5. Put the potato and egg mixture back in the pan that the chorizo has been cooking in.   Turn the heat down and cook over a low heat for about 20 minutes, until the egg has just set.

6. When ready, put a plate on top and turn the pan over to turn out the tortilla

2 thoughts on “Inspired by Masterchef: Tortilla Espagnol

  1. hotlyspiced says:

    I’ve never been a fan of omlettes especially after I ordered one in a hotel and it arrived full of egg shell. Not sure that I’ve eaten one since. But I agree, the Spanish omlette is another thing altogether and so much nicer. I think it is the potato that makes it so much better.

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