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How time flies.   Over a month ago Nazima at Working London Mummy nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award and until now I am ashamed to say I have not managed to write this post. Like the title of her blog indicates, Nazima is a working mother in London and also manages to find time to write an impressive food blog so she is certainly inspiration for me at the moment!  Thank you Nazima for the award.

The rules of the award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this Award and link them back.
2. Say some 5 random facts about you.
3. Spread the joy by nominating other bloggers.
4. Convey the news to your fellow bloggers about their nomination.

So, what five random facts should I give?  How about 5 things that I love, apart from food.

1. I love challenging myself physically by climbing (ones you can walk up) mountains and running and am hoping to run the London marathon next year.   It’ll be my second marathon after running the Edinburgh one in 2009.

2. I love learning languages and have lived abroad in Germany and Poland.  I also speak French and Spanish.

3. I love early mornings.  I’d like to be, but I’m not a night owl.

4. I love puzzles like sudokus and occasionally like to race my husband at them.   I always win.

5. I love (well, like) trashy low-brow tv shows about dieting, even though I’ve never been on a diet and prefer to exercise weight off if necessary.

And now onto mt nominations.  There are so many wonderful blogs that I read but I have decided to choose the ones below.   I hope you enjoy them too.

1. Shu Han at Mummy, I can cook

2. Cristina at My Thin Eats

3. Angelica at Pretty little thing, waiting for The King, down in the jungle room…

4. Acorn in the Kitchen

5. Susan at Susan Eats London

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