Coriander and Lemon Chicken

I am really enjoying Sarah Raven’s Food for Friends and Family right now.  I love the freshness and the use of different ingredients, herbs and spices.  She is definitely one of my favourites of the moment.  I kept more or less the same ingredients for this recipe for coriander and lemon chicken but made one big change.   I had no limes in the fridge so it became coriander and lemon rather than lime chicken.  I also cooked it on the oven top rather than in the oven, but apart from that it is fairly similar.

The chicken could easily be cooked on skewers so it would be a great recipe for the barbecue.  It would also go very nicely in flatbread with salad, like a shish kebab.  I really loved this recipe. The marinade made the chicken so lovely  – lemony and herby – and kept it really moist as it was cooking.

I am linking this to Herbs on Saturday, hosted by Karen at Lavender and Lovage

Ingredients – Serves 2

2 chicken breasts, chopped into large chunks

Handful of coriander

1 garlic clove

1 red chilli pepper

1 small knob of ginger

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Seeds from 3 cardamom pods

2 tbsp olive oil


Black pepper

How to Make Coriander and Lemon Chicken

1. Put all the ingredients except the chicken in a food processor.  Blend until fairly smooth.

2. Put in a bowl with the chicken and mix well so the chicken is coated in the marinade.  Leave in the fridge for at least an hour.

3. I cooked it in a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil but you could also use a griddle, a grill or even bake in the oven.


I would normally avoid making a green bean stew as I’d think that green beans are not really interesting enough to be the main ingredient. However, when I saw the chilli, ginger and garlic on the ingredients list as well, I decided it was worth trying. I also liked how easy it was to prepare. Fasolakia is a Greek green bean stew and can actually be served cold as well as hot. I did plan to leave some for the next day to have for lunch with yoghurt but unfortunately there was none left. I was really surprised by how delicious it actually was.

The recipe is slightly adapted from Sarah Raven’s Food for Friends and Family.   I borrowed this book from the library and I love it so much I’ll be disappointed when I have to take it back. It is divided into 4 sections for each of the seasons and a lot of the recipes remind me of Ottolenghi’s Plenty in that they really celebrate the vegetables. I think this is what has made me really love the book and I can’t wait to try a few more of the recipes.

Ingredients – serves 2

220g green beans, sliced into 3cm pieces

1 large carrot, grated

1 onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 small knob root ginger, finely diced

2 tomatoes, chopped

1 small red chilli pepper, chopped

1 tsp ground coriander

Handful of fresh herbs ( I used coriander but the original recipe said parsley)

150ml vegetable stock

Olive oil

How to Make Fasolakia

1.Chop the onion and put it in the saucepan with a little olive oil.  Cook for about 5 minutes until soft.

2. Add all the other ingredients to the pan, reserving some of the herbs to garnish with.  Simmer over a low heat for about 45 minutes.

3.Serve with crusty bread.