Coconut and Apple Rice Pudding

I hadn’t eaten rice pudding for a long long time, probably not since I was a child when my mum used to sometimes make it.    It wasn’t really a favourite pudding and I can’t quite remember how she used to do it – another sign it wasn’t one of my favourites.     Anyway, however it was made, I’m certain it didn’t contain any spices, and spices are what I believe can make such a big difference  to this type of pudding.   When deciding how to make it, I was wavering between two ideas – this one, and cardamom, dried fruit and pistachio.    Maybe that’s one for another day!   In the end this one won out as I had some apples in and also some leftover coconut milk, not quite as much as I wanted though, which was where the dessicated coconut idea originally came in.   I also had difficulty getting pudding rice.   It appears that no-one in the UK makes rice pudding from scratch any more as the supermarkets seem to sell a whole array of different types of rice as well as tins of rice pudding, but no actual rice to make the rice pudding with.  After looking at the rice in my cupboards I decided risotto rice would be more creamy and so more suitable than basmati rice.  Now, I know I’m giving the impression that this was just thrown together out of leftovers, but even so, it was pretty good.     The risotto rice, apple and dessicated coconut meant it had some nice texture to it, but it was still a little creamy.    I’ll definitely keep a look out for pudding rice though, and when I find some,  I’ll continue my experiments with rice pudding.

I am submitting this to Sugar High Fridays, which was started by Jennifer, The Domestic Goddess.   This month it is hosted by Rose of Magpie’s Recipes and the theme is rice.

Ingredients – Serves 2

1 tbsp risotto rice

50ml coconut milk

1 tbsp dessicated coconut

1 apple

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

20g butter

How to make Coconut and Apple Rice Pudding

1. Pour a little boiling water onto the dessicated coconut and leave to soak.  Peel and core the apple and dice into small cubes.

2. Melt the butter in  a small saucepan.   Add the apple.   Cook for a couple of minutes then add the rice.   Stir till the rice is translucent then add the sugar and cinnamon, followed by the coconut milk and water containing the dessicated coconut.

3.  Simmer very gently, stirring every so often until the rice is soft and the pudding creamy.