Corn on the Cob with Indian Spiced Butter

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I’m going to be really sad when the pick-your-own season ends.   We’ve had another successful trip to Garsons PYO where we came away with corn on the cob, plums, courgettes and a marrow.   I didn’t realise how delicious stuffed marrow could be and hopefully I’ll get chance to blog about that too soon.

But, back to sweetcorn.  I really like corn on the cob but I don’t eat it very often.   My husband isn’t keen on it and as I try to mainly cook things we both like, it’s something I miss out on.   That’s the good thing about pick-your-own.   I have an excuse for coming home with things only I like – They are in season and we have to pick what is there!

I decided to make a spiced butter as it is such an easy way of making the corn really tasty. The lime juice is absolutely delicious in this as it goes really well with the spices and along with the butter it really brings the sweetcorn to life.   I was worried that the juice wouldn’t mash into the butter but I found that with lots of mashing it wasn’t a problem.   If, like my husband, you are not keen on corn, you could use the butter on other vegetables.  I think it would be delicious on broccoli or green beans.

Ingredients – Serves 6 (or save some of the butter for something else)

6 corn on the cob

100g butter

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp crushed chilli flakes

1/4 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1/8 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp dried coriander leaf


Black pepper

Juice of half a lime

How to Make Corn on the Cob with Indian Spiced Butter

  1. Put the butter in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften it.

  2. Put all the ingredients except the corn into a bowl and mash with a fork until the lime juice and spices are thoroughly mixed into the butter.

  3. Spoon the butter onto some cling film and roll it up into a sausage shape and put it in the fridge to harden.

  4. Boil, griddle or barbecue the corn.   I boiled mine for 5 minutes.   Serve each piece of corn with a slice of butter on top.

corn and melted butter

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19 thoughts on “Corn on the Cob with Indian Spiced Butter

    • Corina says:

      I will try to do it soon but I have a bit of a backlog of posts to write at the moment! It was so good though – much better than I thought marrow was going to be.

  1. ebabeelikes says:

    Love the idea of spiced butter – shall be trying this. I’m all for upping flavour in everything I eat. We too went to Garsons farm on the weekend and got some corn on the cob which we ended up barbecuing. Love Garsons – such a great place and we also got some enormous pick your own Sunflowers which are stunning!

    • Corina says:

      I was there again on Monday and saw people picking the sunflowers. We didn’t stop for any but they were beautiful. We actually got some more corn on the cob! I go there almost every other week at the moment and there’s always a slightly different selection of things to pick.

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